I want to order a pizza, how can i do it?
Currently we are only accepting orders online through the website. Simply click on the order online icon and you can  choose whether to order for now or you can schedule a pickup whenever you want in the future (during business hours)
Where are you located?

5604 Delridge Way SW

We are currently operating out of KBM commissary kitchen. This is an ‘incubator’ kitchen for small foodservice operations, caterers, food trucks and bakers.

I ordered, now how do i get my pizza?

First off, thank you for your order! Simply show up at the approximate time on the confirmation email and text (206)339-3337 with the last name on the order. I will bring it out the side door located closest to the corner of Delridge and Findlay. I’ll bring your pizza to my walk up window located at the southwest corner of the building.

Why can’t I just order over the phone?

I’d love to make all ways to order and pay available, however I’m currently the only employee.  For the sake of service I have decided that handling a register, taking calls, and keeping up with cooking and bringing out pizzas is just too muh for me alone. Until I’ve expanded and hired a few people, ChowNow will handle the ordering process for me.

Why do you only sell 40 pizzas a day?

In my current space, I share equipment and space with many other businesses, as I’m limited to space this limits the amount of product I can keep on hand.

Why don’t you offer delivery?

This was a decision based on how small my current operation is. Dealing with and paying a commission to a delivery service just isn’t possible, especially taking into consideration my current max is 40 pizzas a day.

Why don’t you cut the pizza?

For takeout pizza it is best not to cut a deep dish (and often the norm for any chicago deep dish pie). Once cut, the cheese and sauce begin to soften the pie’s traditional thin and crispy crust. You can cut it into as many slices as you wish, but i would recommend eight (8) slices.

How many people will it feed?

My pizza will easily feed 3 hungry adults.

How big is your pizza?

My pizza is 13″ diameter by 2″ deep.  Within that pizza is almost 4 pounds of dough, cheese, sauce, and toppings!