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We strive to provide a welcoming, fun place to gather with friends and family for a consistently unforgettable food experience that builds a happy, more connected community.


After three years serving our delicious Chicago-style pizza pies from the take-out window on Delridge, we opened doors to our new casual dining family restaurant at the end of July 2022. A big THANK YOU to our SUPERFANS and our loyal customers for all the support you have given us as we made the transition into the heart of the West Seattle community in the Alaska Junction. We invite you to find your way into our humble pizza shop to get a deep dish pie piping hot out of the oven, or to sample one of our new tavern-style thin crust pizzas with a cold draft beer, or get an Italian Beef Sandwich (as shown on the “The Bear”) We have Direct TV, Jones Soda and lots of new menu items.

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iree rivera
November 7, 2022
jeff reader
November 7, 2022

ive been here two times now once dine in and once take out!! both times i have been super satisfied. the beef sandwich is a great starter to split while you wait for the pizza. small pizza is good for two the large is good for two days. owner guy and staff are really accomodating and nice. a local gem!!

November 6, 2022

Ok, I grew up in Hyde Park and relocated to Seattle for work. Here it goes. First, have to set the stage by saying the Seattle food scene has its ups and downs. There are great places for sure, but the vast majority are mediocre to just plain bad. In this context, West of Chicago deep dish and beef sandwiches are easily among the best in the Seattle food scene. No question - 5 easy stars. However, how would they rate against hometown offerings? Now this is where I take pause, and have to say that while they are good, they are not stand outs. The deep dish sauce and crust are good but not unique. And while the beef is good the seasoning lacked depth and the roll didn't have a good crust which turned mushy very quickly. I would say that the giardiniera was very good but there wasn't enough put on top. In all, against hometown offerings I would rate 3 stars. Combine 5 stars for the Seattle scale with 3 stars for the Chicago scale, and you end up with 4 stars overall.

Imminent Rueage
November 4, 2022

Was nice to have a deep dish pizza again. I would say the crust style is closest to Giordanos. Personally I prefer larger sausage chunks and a thicker flakier crust like UNO's but beggars can't be choosers. Look forward to visiting again.

Patrick Fanning
October 30, 2022

Lovely. We've now had the deep dish and the thin crust. And the thin crust is thin! And the thin crust pizza is cut into squares, the way god intended it to be eaten... sause is solid, and the sausage has a wonderful flavor.

Josh Busch
October 29, 2022

Had one of everything (shared), beef sandwich, meatball sandwich, deep dish and tavern style ...all were excellent!

Just Wow! Nice staff and equally delicious pie..dessert really topped it off

October 25, 2022

Crust can be better, didn't have a great flavor.

Bob Davies
October 25, 2022

Very good Chicago style pizza; I would definitely recommend this restaurant. The hostess that took our order was exceptional in clarity and knowledge of the product. The challenge was to find parking so one could go into the building.

Benjamin Grant
October 25, 2022

Awesome place. Delicious deep dish and thin crust. The owner recommended an off menu dip appetizer special that was delicious, too. The owner is super nice as is the staff. They have a physical location now which was very clean and spacious

Aaron Stark
October 23, 2022

Visiting Seattle from Oregon this weekend. Read about this place through the Seattle Met a few months ago. Truely a great Italian beef!! Next time going to try their deep dish!! Fantastic hole in the wall place!! Great food, great staff, was great!! Ohh and Jones Soda pop on tap, wam bam good!! Thank you.

Samuel Chen
October 17, 2022

Food was super good! Everyone there is super friendly, and the service was fast (especially for deep dish). A few friends from Chicago said this was the best deep dish on the west coast they've had so far which is high praise!


Finally checked this place out - what a gem! Love that it's a casual place, you order at the counter and then they bring food to your table number. Good...

Antjelina E. September 30, 2022

My husband got takeout last night. We had the Thin (Tavern style) pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olives. It was outstanding! The sauce and...

Kath D. October 16, 2022

I'm happy this place in town. It reminds me of the casual, no frills pizza parlors I grew up with and the entire staff I interacted with was really nice to...

Ethan G. November 4, 2022

We Love food

and insta-gratification

Announcement! We will be closed Wednesday February 1st, Our building is doing work and we will be without water for most of the day! Please come see us on Thursday for all your chicago pizza and beef needs!!
The Abe froman is back. You were previously introduce to the angry Abe froman, a wonderful sandwich in his own right. But here is the simple (calm) Abe Froman, a nice spicy Italian sausage link, served simply with sautéed peppers and onions, lightly toasted roll. Again, no substitutions, but you don’t need more for a well balanced sausage. #eatlocal #westseattle #sausageking #nomnom #smallbusiness
Huge shoutout to franks quality produce! This is the most beautiful romaine I’ve seen in some time! So pretty I needed to take a picture of it! #supportlocalbusiness
New sandwich (limited time possibly) THE ANGRY FROMAN! Bulk sausage, green peppers, tomato sauce, crushed red peppers, provolone, Parmesan! It’s pretty freaking amazing!
Due to the crazy weather, inability to get supplies needed for tonight, in addition to the inability of my staff to get here, we will be closed today and tomorrow. We will be back in business Wednesday December 28th and ready for all of your orders! Please stay safe out there and have a happy holiday!
CRAZY TIMES!!! due to staffing shortage and an overwhelming demand, we will not be open today saturday december 3rd until 4pm. We have added online ordering, however again due to increased demand and a lack of current staffing our online orders may be throttled, or even halted altogether. It is my main goal to not sell more than we can adequately make at any given time. Please be patient with me and my staff as we work our best to make every pizza up to our standards. I am so amazingly grateful for our customers and the demand that is making us all work so hard!  We wouldn't be here without your support!!

secondary note: there will be no phones or online ordering tomorrow from 10:00 am until approximately 2:00 PM december 4th, as we focus on our in person customers who will surely be rooting for our bears to beat the packers!!!!
Bears vs. Packers!!! Game on every screen!! 1/2 price wild herd on draft from 10am-1pm.
Food specials!!
Breakfast flat with bacon and eggs!
Biscuits and gravy!!
Food specials available until they sell out!!! 
Let’s watch our bears beat those packers!!!
New item alert! Mama’s Sausage dip! House made Italian sausage, mama LIL’S peppers, roasted garlic, ricotta, cream cheese, and love! Baked and served with chips!! Dine in only! Warning, may be addictive!
Thursday night football!! Watch americas favorite team(well it was in the 1980’s at least)!! Doors open at four, game goes live at 5! First come first serve!!! Game time special will be $20 pitchers of draft beer from 4-9! 

Hopefully it’ll look a little like this game 


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