About Us


We strive to provide a welcoming, fun place to gather with friends and family for a consistently unforgettable food experience that builds a happy, more connected community.

our story

A Slice Above the Rest

We began with a vision of deep, delicious pizza pie, and founded our company in a commissary kitchen in West Seattle. This will reflect our ethos as we treat our employees fairly and help to foster their own individual growth with the company. We understand that sourcing quality ingredients and treating our staff well are core values that will lead to a more successful business.  When we are happy, we can pass that aura on to you, the customer, in every possible way.  From the loving preparation of your food, to the warm thank you as you leave, Love is in every transaction.

Founder & Head Chef

Shawn Millard

Shawn has over 25 years restaurant experience on both the east and west coasts. He is focused on bringing the finest ingredients available together in grand fashion and has a sincere desire for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time. His commitment to making sure each and every customer is happy with their pizza is the key to his success.

Store Hours

Monday - Tuesday: CLOSED 

Wednesday through Friday 4PM-9PM

Saturday and Sunday 4PM-9PM

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(206) 339-DEEP (3337)

3770 SW Alaska Street

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